The Tombs of Tutankhamen - 1.0


This is a remake of the first computer game I ever played which was on the BBC Micro. I've attempted to update it but still keep the same feeling. Arrow keys to control, collect the coloured keys to open doors, avoid spiders and collect all 16 crowns and then the final door will open and the game will end. Powered by HTML5 so will need an up to date browser to run. If you get stuck ( by design ) hit R to respawn ( and lose a life, if you are on your last it will game over ) - plot your route. There are five coloured keys, and you need to pick up the right key to get through the door ( green key unlocks green door ). This does have touch screen ability, invisible thumbstick will become visible by hitting the left hand of the screen. Made for the #1GameAMonth gamejam . I love feed back! :) *hint hint* See if you can find the easter egg :) Music by the ever awesome NoSoapRadio. Origional game by Jonathon Temple, published in Beebug Volume 5, Issue 5, October 1986.