Welcome to SoulHunter

Welcome to SoulHunter, a twitter game that allows you to collect the souls of your friends and enemies!

How can I collect souls?

Once you log in with your twitter account, simply click on the Collect Souls link - type a twitter accounts name in and then hit the Collect Soul button. A battle for the targets soul will take place - you will either succeed or fail. If you succeed, congratulations, you now have a new soul in your collection. If you fail, try again :)

What are soul points?

Soul points show how proficient you are at stealing peoples souls. With every soul you capture, your skill increases, and this is reflected by an increase to your soul points. Soul point increases are based upon the followers of your newly captured account - the more followers the soul has, the more valuable it is to you!

I can't seem to collect any souls!

Some souls are harder to capture than others - try and steal the souls of less followed people or newer twitter accounts. As you capture these souls, your soul points will increase meaning that you can try and collect the more difficult to catch souls.

Why can't I attack more than ten souls a day?

The game currently limits you to collecting ten souls a day - this may well change in the future. Your energy for attacking souls is reset at midnight GMT.

I found a bug!

Please feel free to tweet me or email me any bugs, the game is still very new, so I expect there to be some lurking in the code.