About SoulHunter

What is SoulHunter?

SoulHunter is brand new Twitter game, mostly an experiment I've written to see how easy it is to harness the power of social networking for the power of gaming.

I can't capture anyone's soul!

In order to capture a soul, your soul power ( seen on the right hand side ) must be greater than the number of followers your target has. Start with small accounts, and work your way up to bigger ones. Later on, once you unlock more powerful spells, this limitation doesn't apply so much, allowing you to attack bigger and bigger accounts.

My soul was stolen! How do I get it back?

In a later version of the game you will be able to trade souls, as well as unlocking a special item that allows you to get your soul back.

Why make a game about stealing souls? Isn't that a nasty idea?

I would like to remind anyone that plays this game, that is exactly that, a game. No real damage is done to anyone's soul when attacking. As powerful as the internet is, I doubt anyone has managed to create anything that can really steal souls. And whether or not souls actually exists is a debate in itself. Enjoy the game for what it is meant to be, a game :)

I love the game, how can I help?

There are many ways of helping, firstly simply tell your friends about the game. If you have any feedback then let me know, either tweet me ( @beebug_nic ) or drop me a comment on my blog. Have some ideas for new spells or items? then tell me, I love getting feedback on my different projects. Really really love the game? Fansigns mentioning SoulHunters or GreenSlimeGames will cause a special unlock!

If you find a bug, or have an idea for a future feature, get in contact and I will see what I can do!

Can I trust you by authorizing your app?

SoulHunter does only one thing with your authorization, and that is to post a tweet when you capture someone's soul. The app doesn't look at passwords, your DM, your posts or any of your private information.

Any other last words?

Firstly, thanks for taking your time to play my mini-game. This is the first version of the game, and dependent on the success of the game, there are a lot more features planned. So enjoy the game and have fun!